Autism and Summer Holidays: Top Tips

Michelle Fremah
January 16, 2024

Holidays are always exciting but there is a bit more to be considered when travelling with your autistic child. We look into a range of ways to prepare both you and your child for some fun in the sun!

Check that the facilities available at your holiday location meet the needs of your child and make all aware of any special requirements that can help you. For example, would it help if you were put in a quieter part of your hotel? No requests should go without being asked if it can contribute to a better holiday for your child.

Change can cause a range of emotions in someone with autism so once you have booked the trip it is a good idea to let them know. Between then and the day of your departure you can help spark more positive emotions by giving them the chance to view images and compile a booklet of the destination so that they remember where they are going and what to expect once they get there.

Bring a copy of your child’s diagnosis from their GP as many attractions will offer discounts and also allow carers free entry with proof. Again, arrangements can be made to facilitate needs once venues are aware.

Autism alert cards help those within proximity to your child understand the situation through a brief explanation written down on a piece of card. This can be something as simple as ‘My child is on the autism spectrum, please be patient’ which should in turn allow others to extend more grace whilst also easing any pressure that you may feel.

Check that your travel insurance is suitable for the needs of your autistic child. Comparison sites will provide you with a comprehensive list of companies for your reference which you can then call up to gain clarity on terms and conditions that come with their insurance policy.

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